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First Close Above the 10 Week MA

Note:  The historical stock examples given below are for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.  They ARE NOT to be used to make buy/sell decisions in today's market.  For more information, please read the HSR Terms of Use.


After trading below the 10 Week Moving Average for an extended period, price closes back above its 10 Week MA for the first time since the start of its decline.

Behavior Notes:

  1. The longer price spends below its 10 Week MA, the more weight you may be able to place on the first close back above the 10 Week MA.
  2. Look for other behaviors that add confluence to the signal.  This may include noticing accumulation and/or a Retracement to Prior Demand Week (PDW) before price closes back above the 10 Week MA.

What you need to know

When a stock closes above its 10 Week MA after a prolonged period below it, it suggests that price is transitioning back into a more bullish position.

Because of this, price may move up the right-hand side of its base.

Historical Stock Chart Examples 1A-1C:  Target (TGT) 1980-1981

Click to enlarge 1A

Click to enlarge 1B

Click to enlarge 1C

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