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If History Tends to Repeat Itself, How are You Learning From It to Become a Better Stock Investor Today?

Historicalstockresearch.com is a free resource that helps stock investors learn from historical stock price behaviors to improve chart reading and make better investing decisions.

One of the main principles of technical analysis is that history tends to repeat itself, yet there are few resources available to help you learn from the market and improve your attention to detail.

Historicalstockresearch.com helps you better understand the market BEFORE you attempt to profit from it.

This is accomplished using a 3-step approach that focused on bases and tops:

Step 1 - Learn to Read the Market's Price Action

To learn about Step 1, please click here.

Step 2 - Improve Your Attention to the Market's Details

To learn about Step 2, please click here.

Step 3 - Make Better Decisions Today with Objective Market Facts

To learn about Step 3, please click here.

If you have any questions about my free resources (Steps 1 & 2) or would like to speak with me about my educational research service that's driven off the market's facts (Step 3), please contact me.

"You can't really be an analyst until you're a historian first"

...Alan R. Shaw, Founding Member of the MTA (Market Technicians Association)