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"Save Time, Improve Attention to Detail and Shorten Your Learning Curve for Stocks Basing and Topping Using the Market's Price Action"


Featured Historical Resources
How to Find Potential Handle Troughs within Bases
by Erik Grywalski
Would you like to learn about alternatives to base breakouts? This historical review will explain a price behavior that occurs before a breakout and it combines two common stock behaviors. . . . keep reading

Checklist for Bases with Net Distribution
by Erik Grywalski
Should you avoid a stock that contains net distribution within its base? Here are five (5) technical questions that may help you if your stock of interest has net distribution before a breakout. . . . keep reading

How to Approach September in the Stock Market (2000 vs. 2010)
by Erik Grywalski
Seasonal trends can be misleading if you don't closely follow the market. In this historical lesson, I'll give you 30+ charts that will help you understand why paying attention to market details is the best approach to implement in your market analysis regardless of the month. . . . keep reading

How to Improve Attention to Detail During Market Corrections
by Erik Grywalski
Improving attention to detail is very important to stay on the right side of the market. In this review, I'll give you three (3) stock categories to help you better track price action during market corrections. With these specific categories, you'll be focused on stock price behaviors and won't require much help to determine what the market is doing because you're watching price closely. . . . keep reading

3 Groups of Bases that Power Market Uptrends
by Erik Grywalski
A base is a precursor of market leadership and this review will help you identify three (3) groups of bases that lead most market uptrends. Once you read this article and put in the work, you'll better understand what to look for in the market. . . . keep reading


Historical Lesson of the week
Identifying Handle Shakeouts Following a Failed Base Breakout
by Erik Grywalski
Base breakouts can fail and then turn higher once most are stopped out of a stock. In this review, I'll show you the specifics of this outcome of a failed base breakout. With this knowledge, you'll stay focused on the market and be ready for a potential rebound in a stock. . . . keep reading

Using Sector Leadership to Anticipate Base Breakouts
by Erik Grywalski
Sector leadership can be valuable for telling you about the strength of the stock market. In this lesson, I'll show you how you can use a specific price behavior in a stock's base to anticipate a move higher after its peers have already left bases during a strong market uptrend. . . . keep reading

Why Reinforcing Bases are Important to a Market Uptrend
by Erik Grywalski
Understanding how to recognize Reinforcing Bases may help you with market direction. In this lesson, I will show you one example of Reinforcing Bases so that you know what to look for during future market uptrends. . . . keep reading

One Way that a Stock Bottoms
by Erik Grywalski
One common way that a stock bottoms occurs after it drops and takes out this key price level. This likely represents many investors throwing in the towel and can even entice short traders to bet against the stock. In this review, I'll tell you why you may want to look for a low in price and give you some technical events to follow after the negative move. . . . keep reading

Why Technology Stocks are Good Market Indicators to Watch
by Erik Grywalski
Technology stocks can sometimes lead the market. In this review, I'll show you how leading tech stocks helped you figure out that the market weakness in 2010 was just a correction and not a replay of 2008. . . . keep reading