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Step 2: Improve Attention to Detail (Price Stall Tops)

by Erik Grywalski

Note:  The historical stock examples given below are for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.  They ARE NOT to be used to make buy/sell decisions in today's market.  For more information, please read the HSR Terms of Use.

This section contains examples of stocks that peaked on a Wide Range Price Stall (WRPS) distribution signal.

There are four (4) common Wide Range Price Stall topping scenarios:

1.  Stalling tops just out of a base

Stocks topping on a stalling price bar shortly after breaking out.

Historical Stock Chart Example:  China Petro & Chemical (SNP) 2007

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2.  Stalling tops with a higher high

Stocks failing a retest of the stalling price bar after making a higher high.

Historical Stock Chart Example:  Blue Nile (NILE) 2007

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3.  Stalling tops with a lower high

Stocks failing a retest of the stalling price bar after making a lower high.

Historical Stock Chart Example:  Monster Beverage (MNST) 2012

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4.  Stalling tops with a fast break

Stocks that broke hard after the stalling price bar.

Historical Stock Chart Example:  Accelrys (ACCL) 2000

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Please keep in mind that some tops can be placed into more than one category.

For example, a stock may top on a stalling bar shortly after breaking out AND also fail a retest of the stalling bar on an attempted rally.

At times, the WRPS may just be a warning sign (not a top) that needs to be watched in the future.

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