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How to Best View My Website: Please Read the Information Below


It's Erik here and I want you to know that your user experience is very important to me.

I have historical stock charts to help you and to ensure that you have a positive experience, it's important that you read all of the information below.

The charts on my site exist within two formats:

1.  Embedded charts

2.  Charts within PDFs

Please let me explain how to best view these charts.

Embedded Charts

Depending on your web browser, the alignment of the embedded charts will vary when you enlarge them.

For instance, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer display all enlarged charts in a left-aligned position within a white background, while Firefox displays them centered on your screen within a shaded background.

For this reason, please use Firefox for all embedded charts. 

Embedded charts are found throughout the site, but are most common in Step 1 and HSR Articles ("Featured Historical Resources").

My charts have a white background.

Firefox will break up the white-on-white appearance and center the chart on your screen.

This will be easier on your eyes and help you focus on the chart during your review.

Please be aware that your browser doesn't impact the definition of the enlarged chart.

It's simply an issue of positioning (left-aligned vs. center) and background color (white vs. shaded).

If you normally use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and don't mind the differences mentioned above, then feel free to stick with the browser of your choice.

Charts within PDFs

For charts within PDFs, it's also best to use Firefox

This includes the HSR Lessons ("Learn from the Market"), some of Step 2 and all of Step 3.

If you want to avoid these guidelines and are content with a smaller screen, then you will get the best experience with an iPad 3 or higher.

IPad 2 is fine to use, but it lacks a high definition screen.

In regards to the iPad mini, it's my opinion that it's too small for viewing charts, but you may want to try it to see if you like convenience of a smaller device.

A tablet also gives you the option of opening up PDFs within the Amazon Kindle App

The Kindle App may give you better navigation through my charts. 

If you don't have the Kindle App, you may want to download the appropriate version for FREE here and try it out with my PDFs.

Did you get all of that information down?

I know it may seem like a lot, but just remember the following:

For the best results, please use Firefox (Desktop) or an iPad 3 or higher (Mobile).

Lastly, I would like to thank TradeStation Technologies for letting me use their charts.

Kindest Regards,

Erik Grywalski

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