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Step 2: Improve Attention to Detail (Market Bottoms)

by Erik Grywalski

Developing a good eye for what a market uptrend looks like is a learnable skill that's acquired through a lot of historical stock research.

Unfortunately, there aren't many shortcuts out there to help you go about this in a timely and efficient manner.

If you want to understand how market uptrends are born, you have to roll up your sleeves and review hundreds to thousands of charts from old market cycles.

For that reason, I have dedicated this section of my site to archiving summaries of early-stage market uptrends.

My archive will help you save time and sharpen your eye for recognizing one of the most important signposts of market uptrends, base breakouts en masse.

I've done some of the work for you. 

You can use my charts as a starting point for your own research and bottom studies.

If you're unfamiliar with the importance of bases in powering market uptrends and would like to learn more about this concept, please click here.

Below, you'll find links to market bottoms from 1970.  

I hope to add more charts in the future, but you'll get started on the road to becoming better at recognizing market bottoms.  

Note:  The historical chart examples given in each link below are for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.  They ARE NOT to be used to make buy/sell decisions in today's market.  For more information, please read the HSR Terms of Use.

Please click on a market bottom below to learn more about it and view some of the base breakouts (coming later) that led each advance.

May 1970

March 1980

October 1990

October 1999

July 2006