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Group Leadership Spring 2003

by Erik Grywalski

Note:  The historical stock examples given below are for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.  They ARE NOT to be used to make buy/sell decisions in today's market.  For more information, please read the HSR Terms of Use.

Chinese Internet stocks were aggressive leaders coming off the 2003 Market Bottom.

Their group move set up during the latter stages of the 2000-2002 Tech Bear Market, which shows why it's important to stay focused on the market at all times.

The key catalyst in this move was the October 2002 Bear Market Rally, which started the Chinese stocks in motion.

After the bear market rally failed in December 2002, the Chinese Internets kept going higher, a bullish divergence.

It wasn't until late January 2003 that the stocks began to form bases that would end up being resolved to the upside during the Spring of 2003.

(coming later)